"All things were older than man and they hummed of mystery."
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Alessandro Puccinelli


Bluebonnet landscapes painted by Juliun Onderdonk


The work of Carmel Seymour. Found via @booooooom.


Ben Schuyler, The Decemberists (2014)

"A Pacific Northwest born and bred native, Ben Schuyler is a mobile photographer based in Seattle. Growing up in a suburb just north of the city, he’s spent his life drinking coffee, hiking the Cascade Mountains, and breathing in the salty air of the Puget Sound. Though he enjoys city life, he finds escape and renewal in natural settings. His photographic inspiration relies on his surroundings: people, dirt roads, floral and fauna. Ben’s work plays on the marriage between portraiture and landscape photography. In addition to taking his own photographs, Ben also founded and curates Northwest Handcrafted, a project highlighting some of the best craft and craftspeople rooted in the Pacific Northwest." - iGnant


Rocio Montoya


Tony Hammond

To believe in a universe as young as six or seven thousand years old is to extinguish the light from most of the galaxy. Not to mention, the light from all the hundred billion other galaxies in the observable universe.




intimate energy

"Don’t have sex with someone you wouldn’t want to be"

give and receive